Poster for the Hot Plains Music Fest happening in the city of Edmonton this summer. Even rusty ol’ band CAMEMBERT will be playing!
We (CAMEMBERT) will also be playing a little warm-up party for the fest at the Empress Ale House on Monday, April 28th. It’ll be freee!

When I first moved home I totally thought getting back together with my ex-boyfriend was an awesome idea. I moved into his place and just immediately lost all excitement for my life and started smoking tons of pot all day.  I’ve only been back at my dads for three days and already I can feel everything getting better. Plus I finally stopped lying to myself about my feelings for a really close friend and I think we’re finally ready to give it a shot. 

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Have you ever gotten a text that made you so happy that for a brief second you consider getting it tattooed?

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I nearly cried while he traced the characters of my sleeve with his thumb. I’ve wanted this for so long and it just made me feel so guilty knowing someone out there was heart broken because of me and here I was so happy and drunk off the moment.

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